PM extends best wishes on Indra Jatra festival

PM extends best wishes on Indra Jatra festival

28 September, Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said advancing towards social justice, good governance and prosperity by promoting religious tolerance, national unity, social goodwill and emotional bond is the national agenda of the hour.

Extending his best wishes on the occasion of the Indra Jatra festival today, the head of the government expected that the festival would inspire all to achieve the goal of prosperity by further strengthening out the Constitution and promoting national unity, social goodwill and harmony.

Describing Nepal as a multilingual and multicultural nation with diverse and unique natural features, he said,” Our civilisation, religions, culture, festival and lifestyle reflect our rich history and the present.” He reminded that the federal democratic republic enshrined by Nepal’s Constitution is the matter of pride for all the Nepali citizens.

Indra Jatra, the festival dedicated to the God Indra, the deity of rain and good harvest, is historically observed by the Newar community particularly in the Kathmandu Valley.

On the occasion of the festival, the Prime Minister wishes peace, prosperity and happiness to the entire Newar community including Nepali sisters and brothers living in the country and abroad.

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