No shortage of chemical fertilizers in Madhes province

No shortage of chemical fertilizers in Madhes province

02Jul, Kathmandu: Farmers of Madhes province have been assured that there will be no problem with fertilizers this year.

Agricultural Inputs Company Limited, Madhes Province Regional Office, Birgunj, Parsa has said that this year fertilizer as needed for the month of Asar is in stock while more is coming. Head of the Provincial Office, Chandra Prasad Chamlagain said currently 6,000 metric tons of urea and 3,000 metric tons of DAP are in the warehouse.

Hence, there will be no shortage of fertilizer during paddy cultivation this year as more fertilizer will arrive in the first week of Saun. In the 10 months of the current year 2079/80, 100,000 metric tons of chemical fertilizers have been received at the Regional Office of the Agricultural Inputs Company, Birgunj Parsa.

“Until now, 170,000 metric tons of urea and DAP fertilizers have arrived, 50,000 metric tons of fertilizers are in the process of arriving and 40,000 metric tons of fertilizer is in the process of being approved,” said Chamlagain.

The demand for chemical fertilizers is high in Asar, Saun and Bhadau, the main season of paddy cultivation. Although the supply is not as per the demand, more fertilizer has been received in the current fiscal year 2079/80 compared to the previous year 2078/79.

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