NEPSE: Stock market rises, significant growth in finance sector

NEPSE: Stock market rises, significant growth in finance sector

19 June, Kathmandu: The stock market showed positive movement on Wednesday as the NEPSE index increased by 2.27 points, bringing it to a total of 2078 points.

Despite the rise in NEPSE, the overall trading volume saw a decline. The previous day’s transactions amounted to Rs 4.05 billion, whereas today’s transactions shrank to Rs 3.40 billion. Out of the listed companies, 135 saw an increase in their stock prices, 104 experienced a decline, and 8 remained unchanged.

The finance sector led the growth, with its index rising by an impressive 2.62 per cent or 58 points. Other sectors also saw gains: banking increased by 1.6 points, hydropower by 8.5 points, microfinance by 6.8 points, non-life insurance by 18.8 points, and various other sectors by 2.5 points. However, some sectors faced declines, with development banks dropping by 5.2 points, hotels and tourism by 19 points, life insurance by 13 points, manufacturing by 28 points, and the trading sector by 38 points.

Among the notable performers, Nepal Finance and Samaj Microfinance saw their values rise by approximately 10 per cent. Kutheli Bukhari Small Hydropower increased by 9.3 per cent, Mandakini Hydropower by 8.2 per cent, Samling Power by 8 per cent, Atmanirbhar Microfinance by 7.3 per cent, Sirjanshil Microfinance by 6.8 per cent, and Win Nepal Microfinance by 6.5 per cent.

Conversely, Manakamana Smart Microfinance experienced a significant drop in value by 9.8 per cent, while Divyashwari Hydropower fell by 2.3 per cent.

In terms of transaction volumes, Nepal Finance, Gorkhas Finance, Global IME Microfinance Financial Institution, CEDB Hydropower, and Himalayan Microfinance Financial Institution emerged as the top performers.

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