Infrastructure construction in Gandaki at fast pace

Infrastructure construction in Gandaki at fast pace

19 May, Gandaki : Construction of roads and bridges has picked up speed in Gandaki province of late. Plans for 1,464 roads, RCC bridges and suspension bridges are being implemented in the current fiscal year 2080-81 BS through the province’s Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development and Transport Management.

According to Dr Mahendra Baniya, Acting Head of Infrastructure Development Directorate, 80 per cent of the current year’s plans are being implemented.

“Various stalled projects from previous years are being completed this year. The implementation of new projects is also satisfactory,” he said, adding that this year, the target of constructing 300 kilometers blacktopped road, 25 RCC bridges and 20 suspension bridges is mentioned in the policy and programme of the provincial government.

Similarly, in the fiscal year 2079-80, 174 kms of blacktopped roads, 15 roads and bridges and 12 suspension bridges were constructed. Multi-year Project chief Baniya informed that 130 road and bridge projects with a total cost of Rs 11 billion have been added in this fiscal year’s policies and programmes across the province.

According to him, 53 bridges are under construction and the detailed project report (DPR) of 23 more bridges is in the process of preparation. The Ministry has allocated a budget of Rs 12 billion 89 million and 924 thousand under the capital heading for the current year.

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